Prominent Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty) – Prominent Ear Surgery Ankara

Prominent ear surgery Ankara, with its medical name otoplasty, is a surgical application that aims to give the ear a more aesthetic appearance in cases where the ear is open forward and its folds do not develop. The terms of prominent ear has different nomenclatures that used to describe the same problem. Prominent ear is familial inherited. A person with prominent ear has this problem either in his mother or in his father. Similarly, if you have it, there is a 50% chance that your child will also have it.

The most important reason why the ear is prominent and more visible than normal is the underdevelopment of the middle ear fold, which we call the antihelix. In most patients, the ear size is actually normal, but the outer part of the ear cannot turn back enough because the fold does not develop. Another reason for prominent ear is that the bowl-shaped cartilage surrounding the ear hole, which we call the concha, is large, deep and turned outward. Another, but rare, answer to the question of what causes prominent ears is to have large ears in all dimensions, that is, to have large ears developmentally.

Ankara prominent ear surgery includes a separate treatment strategy for each of these reasons.

Who is suitable for prominent ear surgery?

Prominent ear aesthetics is applied in cases where the ear appearance is uncomfortable and the ear clarity makes the person difficult in social life. Being ridiculed by school friends and having difficulty in tying hair are among the other common reasons for admission. Prominent ear correction can be done in pre-school children as well as in adults. For prominent ear aesthetics, the person must be healthy and have realistic expectations. Normally the ears are slightly visible when viewed from the opposite side and there is always a certain asymmetry between the ears. The surgery will get you back to normal. The expectation that the ears are not visible at all or a perfect symmetry between the ears is inconsistent with reality.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

Prominent ear correction surgery can be performed under local anesthesia without sleeping the patient. A 4-5 cm incision is made that remains hidden in the fold behind the ear. Through this incision, the posterior surface of the cartilages is reached. The ear is shaped using various suturing techniques that bend the cartilages and bring them closer to the skull. Various surgical threads are used in ear aesthetic surgery. Some of these threads are absorbable and some are permanent. For this reason, the term thread ear aesthetics is misleading. Because there is no such thing as threadless ear aesthetics. Threads can be passed through cartilage without making an incision behind the ear in ear aesthetics, but the surgical precision, permanence and power of shaping the ear are limited by these techniques.

Healing Process After Prominent Ear Surgery

Pain in the ears is expected for the first 48 hours after ear aesthetic surgery. Similarly, after prominent ear surgery, the ears swell and may become slightly bruised. Swelling and bruising will usually regress to a level that will return to normal life within 7-10 days. After prominent ear correction surgery, you may need to use an ear band or hair band for 3-6 weeks to prevent the opening of the ear cartilages. You can take a bath on the 2nd day after prominent ear aesthetics and there is no harm in touching the ears with water. We will see you at the 1st month, 3rd month and first year follow-ups after ear aesthetic surgery.

Alternatives to Prominent Ear Surgery and Concomitant Treatments

It is stated in the medical literature that the prominent ear problem can be resolved with the help of special shaping apparatus in the first weeks following the birth. However, it is not generally accepted anywhere in the world because it is impractical to apply this type of treatment to a newborn baby, which may affect head movements and feeding patterns and require him to go to the hospital every other day. After all, the baby does not benefit from the apparatus treatment after 1 month after birth. For this reason, do not comply with claims such as non-surgical ear aesthetics or non-surgical prominent ear correction. Prominent ear aesthetics is most often combined with rhinoplasty. The combination of the two Processes can provide a significant improvement in the person’s appearance.

Prominent Ear Surgery Prices Ankara

Prominent ear surgery prices in Ankara may vary depending on the hospital, the experience of the doctor and the scope of the procedure. Prominent ear surgery prices vary in Ankara according to the health institution where the surgery is performed. Since Ankara is very advantageous compared to abroad in terms of prominent ear prices, many patients from abroad visit our country and Ankara for this surgery every year. You can contact us at the contact number to get information about the average prices of prominent ear surgery.

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