Lower Eyelid Aesthetics Ankara (Lower Blepharoplasty)

Lower eyelid aesthetic surgery Ankara, with its medical name lower blepharoplasty, is a surgical application that aims to improve aesthetic problems in the lower eyelids. Lower eyelid plastic surgery is also known as under-eye surgery, under-eye wrinkle surgery, and under-eye bag surgery.

During the aging process, the skin of the lower eyelid becomes thinner. Depending on repetitive gestures, the wrinkles on the lateral edge of the lower eyelid, which we call crow’s feet, become evident. Inside the lower eyelid, there is a membrane that holds the fat pads, which should normally be just under the eye, in place. This membrane loosens with aging and the under-eye fat herniates forward. These formations, also called under-eye bags, make the face look old, sleepless and tired. A deep depression, which we call a tear trough, develops between the innermost under-eye bag and the edge of the nose. A triangular shaped bulge (malar bag) forms just below the outermost bag.

Lower eyelid aging is closely related to midface aging. When the midface area hangs down, the soft tissue wall, which is normally in front of the lower eyelid bags, goes down. Mid-face sagging, mid-face volume loss, and mid-face bone problems visually make the lower eyelid appear older.

Lower eyelid aging usually occurs in the early stages of facial aging, between the ages of 30-45. However, under-eye bags may occur at a much earlier age in individuals with structurally weak cheekbones.

You can think of under-eye bags as a hill. The light casts a shadow behind this crown and this shade can make the under eye look dark. In some individuals, under-eye bruises are just a play of light. In some patients, bruises under the eyes are actually caused by the accumulation of dark pigments in the skin.

For whom is Lower Eyelid Aesthetics Suitable?

Lower eyelid aesthetic Ankara (lower blepharoplasty) is a suitable option for middle-aged individuals who are uncomfortable with the tired appearance around the eyes, have healthy and realistic expectations, and do not have any vision problems. Surgery reduces this complaint in individuals who are bothered by tired eyes. Lower eyelid aesthetic surgery can improve under-eye bags, under-eye bruises, under-eye wrinkles, eyelid skin sagging, tear trough deformity, under-eye dimpling.

How is Lower Eyelid Aesthetics Performed in Ankara?

When performed alone, lower eyelid aesthetic surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and patients can go home the same day. When lower eyelid aesthetics are combined with other operations (such as upper eyelid aesthetics or mid-face lift), general anesthesia and hospitalization may be required.

In the surgery, an incision is made from the bottom of the eyelashes, and the eyelid skin and muscle tissue are descended. The under-eye bags are reached and the fat in the under-eye bags is reduced. Subsequently, the under-eye skin and muscle tissue are tightened. Excess skin is excreted. The outer edge of the eyelid is fixed with bone-specific suture fixations in order to tighten the lower eyelid and prevent the lid from deforming after surgery. This maneuver is called lateral cantopexy/canthoplasty and is also known as almond eye aesthetics.

During lower eyelid aesthetics, mid-face lift surgery can be performed simultaneously from the same incision, by continuing to decompose down over the under-eye bone.

Points to Consider Before and After Lower Eyelid Aesthetics

Bleeding is one of the most feared complications of lower eyelid surgery. In order to prevent bleeding, blood thinners should be discontinued before the surgery. Problems such as eye allergy and dry eye should be evaluated before surgery. Consultation with an ophthalmologist may be requested before the surgery, if necessary.

After the surgery, there will be stitches on your lower eyelid. These stitches are removed between 7-10 days. You can go home after eyelid surgery, but driving is not recommended for 1 week. After lower eyelid surgery, there may be a slight burning and stinging. Swelling and bruising on the eyelids and around the eyes is expected after surgery. The transparent layer outside the inside of the eye may be edematous. Most often, antibiotic eye drops are prescribed. You can take a shower the morning of the surgery. After eyelid surgery, swelling and bruising gradually decrease in about 7-14 days and it is possible to return to social life, but it will take 3 months for the early eyelid asymmetries and edema to completely disappear. In lower eyelid aesthetic surgery, there may be slanting in the eyes for 2-3 weeks due to the lateral cantopexy procedure performed for protective purposes. This slanting is temporary and will correct itself.

Alternative/Concurrent Treatments

Lower eyelid aesthetic surgery is often combined with upper eyelid aesthetic surgery, forehead lift, mid-face lift surgery, and micro-fat tissue transfer procedures. Lower eyelid aesthetics alone does not weaken the mimic muscles. Therefore, facial wrinkles will continue after the surgery. It may be necessary to continue botox treatment to keep mimic wrinkles under control.

Since lower eyelid surgery is performed to remove structural anatomical deformations, there is no alternative like non-surgical eyelid aesthetics. It is not possible for the applications introduced as non-surgical eyelid aesthetics to give similar results to eyelid surgery. Under-eye fillers provide temporary camouflage, but are not equivalent to eye aesthetic surgery.

Fine wrinkles remaining on the skin after under-eye bags surgery can be reduced by chemical peeling treatment.

Lower Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery Prices Ankara

Lower eyelid aesthetic surgery prices may vary depending on the hospital, the doctor’s experience, the scope of the surgery and other accompanying surgeries. In order to get information about lower eyelid aesthetic surgery prices, you should first be examined and the surgery plan and treatment details should be clarified. To get information about the average lower eyelid surgery prices, you can contact us at the contact number.

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