Facial Rejuvenation Surgery Ankara

Facial rejuvenation surgery in Ankara is a surgical treatment method in which the aging face is handled holistically. Every individual ages differently. Facial aging manifests itself in different ways depending on the individual’s skeletal structure, skin quality, weight gain and loss, hormonal and environmental factors. While aging around the eyes is prominent in some individuals, aging in the chin and neck line is more evident in others. In some individuals, superficial tissues age earlier, in others, deep tissues such as bone/muscle. In some individuals, the face loses volume in the aging process, and in some individuals it gains volume.

What is common to all is that the face as a whole is aging. Over a certain age, a holistic aging state becomes evident in all facial areas from forehead to neck. Some people reach this level in their 40s, some in their 50s, and some in their 60s.

Treating a single area in cases where the entire face is aging; it both shows the treated area as “made” and makes the untreated areas look older than they are. For this reason, integrity is very important in facial rejuvenation surgeries.

Which Procedures Are Included in Ankara Facial Rejuvenation Surgery?

Facial rejuvenation Ankara is not a single operation. It is a planning method obtained by combining multiple surgeries according to the needs of the person. Most of the time, there is a facelift surgery that corrects the sagging cheek mass at the center of facial rejuvenation surgeries. The important point is that facelift surgery alone will not be enough to rejuvenate the entire face. For example, if only facelift surgery is performed on an individual whose entire face is aging, the forehead and neck area around the eyes, which remain aged, signals that the change in the cheeks is not natural.

Various combinations of the following procedures are used in facial rejuvenation surgery

  • Face lift
  • Neck lift
  • Forehead stretching
  • Eyelid Aesthetic
  • Oral Aesthetic
  • Hair Transplantation in Men

As the content of facial rejuvenation surgeries increases, the duration of the operation, hospitalization and recovery time increases. While some of our patients want to get everything done in a single session, some individuals divide facial rejuvenation surgery into sessions. The division of facial rejuvenation surgery into sessions shortens the recovery time of each session and ensures that you are not separated from social life for long periods of time.

There are some rules that determine how the sequencing will be done in facial rejuvenation surgeries.

For example, while performing face lift surgery, neck lift surgery should also be performed. Otherwise, you will have to go back and reopen the face while performing the neck lift surgery. Similarly, if mid-face lift surgery is to be performed, lower eyelid surgery should also be performed at this time. Similarly, upper eyelid surgery is often combined with forehead lift surgery. During or after facial rejuvenation surgeries, facial fat tissue transfer can be performed in separate sessions, and volume losses due to aging can be eliminated.

Who Is Facial Rejuvenation Surgery Ankara Suitable For?

Facial rejuvenation surgery is suitable for individuals where facial aging covers the entire face. The ideal patient group for facial rejuvenation surgery is healthy, emotionally stable, active and social individuals with realistic expectations.

Alternatives to Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

The alternative to facial rejuvenation surgeries is to live happily and happily with your own face without surgery. The fact that the applications launched under the name of non-surgical facial rejuvenation rejuvenate the face or delay the aging of the face consists of a claim that has no proof and no match in the medical literature. Similarly, thread facial rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation devices, facial rejuvenation creams, facial rejuvenation exercises are also non-scientific applications.

Facial Rejuvenation in Ankara

Ankara is one of the leading cities in Turkey in the field of facial rejuvenation. The existence of many private and public hospitals, the richness of transportation and accommodation opportunities, and the dynamism of social life can be counted as the reason why many patients from abroad have facial rejuvenation surgery in Ankara. In addition to these, there are well-known doctors in Ankara who perform facial rejuvenation surgery. The number of patients who go to Istanbul or abroad, thinking that facial rejuvenation surgery is not performed in Ankara, is decreasing day by day. On the contrary, patients from many different cities of Turkey travel between cities to meet with doctors who perform facial rejuvenation surgery in Ankara.

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery Prices Ankara

Facial rejuvenation surgery prices are affected by many different factors. Factors such as the scope of the procedure, the surgeries involved, the number of sessions, hospitalization, hospital fees, and the doctor’s experience affect the prices of facial rejuvenation surgery. The first step you should take to get information about facial rejuvenation surgery fees will be to meet with a physician specialized in this field.