Chin Aesthetics Ankara

The chin is one of the most important determinants of the basic proportions of the face. In classical definitions of beauty, the face is examined in 3 regions: upper 1/3, lower 1/3 and middle 1/3. The jaw structure, which forms the lower 1/3 of the face, is extremely important in terms of the basic aesthetic setup and basic proportions of the face. The appearance of the chin is closely related to the aesthetics of the mouth and neck area, especially the lower lip. Side view of the chin closely affects the side profile of the face, the appearance of the neck and forehead. While the strong jaw structure makes the person look healthier and more dynamic; weak chin structure puts a negative emphasis on facial aesthetics.

In aesthetic jaw surgery, the upper and lower jaws can be moved as a whole forward/backward/up/down or rotated on a circular axis. Only the chin tip can be taken forward or backward, the chin tip can be extended downwards, the chin tip can be rasped and reduced. The chin tip can be enlarged with prostheses. It is possible to fill the fat pad at the tip of the chin with various injection treatments. Similar applications can be made not only to the tip of the chin, but also to the “angle” parts on the sides. It can usually be combined with surgeries that affect the facial profile such as chin aesthetics, rhinoplasty and neck aesthetics.

Who is Suitable for Chin Aesthetics in Ankara?

Jaw aesthetics is a suitable treatment option for patients with developmentally small/large/forward/backward jaws, defective closure, and extremely narrow or wide jaw angles. During the aging process, the jaw bone and the chin tip fat pad shrink. This shrinkage accelerates neck aging. The most frequently used skeletal augmentation procedure in the treatment of the aging face is chin aesthetics.

“Patients with deterioration in the aesthetic proportions of the face or deviations from normal due to chin deformities are suitable candidates for chin aesthetics.”

What are Ankara Chin Aesthetic Techniques?

 Jaw Prosthesis Applications

Jaw prosthesis surgeries are the common name given to operations in which the jaw tip and/or jaw angle are enlarged and enhanced with synthetic implants (prosthesis). Various materials such as silicone, medpor, goretex can be used as a chin prosthesis. Prostheses are placed through a 2-3 cm incision made under the chin or an incision made through the mouth and are usually fixed to the bone with 1-2 small screws. In intraoral applications, there are no visible scars on the skin since the sutures are inside the mouth. In applications made under the chin, an incision is made on the skin, but this incision remains in the shadow area under the chin and does not attract much attention in daily life.

Due to the ease of application of chin prostheses, it is an approach that we more often combine with procedures such as rhinoplasty and neck aesthetics. It is especially preferred for extending and enlarging the chin forward. Since chin prostheses can sometimes create a masculine appearance in female patients, it may be necessary to be careful during the decision process.

Jaw Tip Shift

Jaw tip shift, also known as “genioplasty” surgery, means cutting the bone at the tip of the jaw and replacing it. In this surgery, the tip of the chin is reached with an incision made through the mouth or under the chin. A horizontal incision is made in the bone at the tip of the jaw. The cut bone can be moved forward/downward/sideways/backward. It is fixed in its new position with titanium plate/screws. With this technique, the chin tip can be moved 6-8 mm forward. The biggest advantage of chin tip advancement (genioplasty) compared to implant/prosthesis treatment is that it allows to advance and lengthen the chin not only forward but also slightly downwards.

The chin surgery can be designed in the same way and the chin bone can be taken back and shortened. In people with a very prominent jaw bone, this bone can be rasped. In these surgeries, we mostly prefer to make an incision through the mouth.

Orthognathic Surgery

In some of the jaw deformities, there are incompatibilities between the lower and upper jaws in terms of tooth alignment and occlusion. We call orthognathic surgery operations that correct the occlusion of the teeth, shift the jaw forward or backward as a whole, and thus shape the face. Orthognathic surgery is a complex surgery that is preferred for cases where the upper or lower jaws are forward or backward, long or short, genetically and developmentally. In these surgeries, long incisions are typically made in the mouth and the bones are moved as a whole and advanced. After these surgeries, fixations are made with titanium plate screws and most of the time the teeth are attached to each other by means of special wire systems.

Although these surgeries offer the most ideal option in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics, their execution and pre-/post-operative processes are quite challenging. A few years of orthodontic braces treatments may be required before orthognathic surgery.

Jaw Filling

Jaw tip deformities can be seen in simple forms that do not require an operation or in less serious forms. For example, if there is an age-related decrease in the chin fat mass, it is possible to restore the volume of the chin fat pad with hyaluronic acid fillers or adipose tissue injections. With filling applications, the jaw line can also be clarified as a whole. We call this practice “jawline” padding.

The most important disadvantage of filling treatments is that effective and permanent results cannot be obtained in a single session, as in implants.

Synthetic filling treatment needs to be repeated every 6 to 12 months. When fat injection is preferred, it may be necessary to apply 3 to 4 sessions in order to get effective results. For this reason, we often prefer jaw tip advancement and jaw prostheses to filling techniques in jaw tip aesthetics.

Jaw Corner (Angle) Prostheses

Especially when male patients are viewed from the front, the appearance of jaw angles is an aesthetically desirable appearance. Faces with a narrow chin angle appear thin and long. Jaw angles of patients who are disturbed by this appearance can be expanded with jaw angle prostheses. In this approach, an incision of 4-5 cm is made on both sides of the mouth and the jaw angle is reached. A prosthesis suitable for this area is placed on the bone and its position is fixed with two screws. Intraoral incisions are closed with properly absorbable sutures. Jaw angle implants are rarely applicable to female patients.

Jaw Botox ( Masseter Botox)

In some individuals, the jaw angles may be excessively widened. This situation, which gives a masculine appearance to female patients, can be resolved with chin botox. One or 2 sessions of botulinum toxin application weakens the muscle in that area and reduces the volume of that muscle. Thus, a remarkable thinning can be obtained when the face is viewed from the outside. Jaw botox application is a procedure performed under clinical conditions and takes 5-10 minutes. It may take 1-3 sessions of application to achieve the desired effect.

“You can contact Associate Professor Ozan Bitik to get detailed information about chin aesthetic surgery techniques and to find out which technique is suitable for you.”

Recovery and Return to Social Life After Jaw Surgery Ankara

  • *hin tip surgeries are operations that are performed under general anesthesia and often require overnight hospitalization. Especially in oral surgeries, no visible scars are left outside. However, attention should be paid to eating and drinking for a certain period of time until the incision in the mouth heals. Especially after jaw surgery, only liquid food intake is recommended for the first 48 hours. But in the following days, feeding with soft foods is allowed.
  • There is a risk of infection in operations performed through the mouth. Therefore, the possibility of infection is reduced with combined antibiotic treatments.
  •  After chin surgery, a chin mask is applied that stabilizes the implant and reduces edema.
  • No matter what technique is used, it is possible to take a bath on the first day after jaw aesthetic surgery.
  • It is normal to have pain after the surgery and the pain is controlled with oral painkillers.
  • After the first 48 hours, the swelling at the tip of the chin gradually decreases. It is normal for a masculine appearance to occur, especially in female patients, due to post-operative swelling, but this appearance regresses to a reasonable level within 3 weeks.
  • Patients can continue their sportive activities from the 6th week.

Treatment Alternatives and Combined Procedures in Jaw Aesthetics

Unfortunately, there is no alternative to structural options such as jaw tip advancement and implants in structural problems of the jaw, especially in anatomical bone problems. We mostly perform these operations together with neck lift, face lift, liposuction and rhinoplasty operations.

“You can get information from a plastic surgery specialist who focuses on facial aesthetics on jaw aesthetic surgeries and treatment alternatives.”

Chin Aesthetic Prices Ankara

The prices of applications in the field of jaw aesthetics such as chin rasp, chin filling, chin fat injection, chin prosthesis may vary due to individual factors. Every patient’s problem is different and treatment processes will also be different. Two patients with the same problem may not be suitable candidates for the same technique. In some cases, it may be necessary to apply non-surgical aesthetic applications together with jaw aesthetic surgeries. Such situations will lead to the differentiation of chin aesthetics prices. If you are in search of a plastic surgeon who is an expert in chin aesthetics in Ankara, you can talk to Associate Professor Ozan Bitik and plan your chin aesthetic surgery in a short time after the examination.

You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about chin aesthetics on the official blog of Associate Professor Ozan Bitik.

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