I am a plastic surgeon working with a focus on “aesthetic surgery of the face”.

I accept my patients in my own private practice in Ankara. I perform my surgeries in private hospitals I have contracted with in Ankara, especially in Bayındır Söğütözü hospital.

I started my early education life in Adana, the city where I was born. I completed my secondary and high school education at TED Ankara College. Shortly after graduating from medical school in 2004, I started my specialization training in the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department of the same university.

After completing my specialist training in 2010, I did my senior specialization in Aesthetic Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland City, USA. During the years I was there, Cleveland Clinic was ranked 3rd in the best hospitals in the USA. I can say that I have internalized the principle of Patient First by living in this institution. During my senior specialization, I took part post-specialization training in the entire spectrum of plastic surgery. I actively saw patients, operated on, took part in the emergency and post-operative intensive care units.

Ozan Bitik

I worked under the mentorship of James Edward Zins, one of the most prominent names in facelift surgery in the world, and I had the opportunity to learn the deep plane anatomy of the face and deep plane facelift techniques from him. My work in the field of deep plane anatomy of the face received the best aesthetic presentation award at the American Society of Plastic Surgery Congress arranged in New Orleans in 2012.

After my senior specialization education, I returned to Turkey and directed my professional studies on facial aesthetics. Between 2013 and 2017, I returned to my home and vocational family, which I am proud to have graduated from, Hacettepe University Department of Plastic Surgery, as a faculty member. In the 4 years I spent as a faculty member, I became more mature in the profession with the support of my professors and colleagues in the department. I became Associate Professor in 2015.

As well as facial surgery, I was also heavily into the reconstructive (repair surgery) side of plastic surgery such as microsurgery, hand surgery, tumor surgery; and assistant and student education at the university. Since the intensity of my academic career limited the time and energy I could devote to facial aesthetics and facial rejuvenation, which is my main area of interest, I left Hacettepe University, where I worked very fondly, and opened my own private clinic.

In my ongoing academic career, I have published more than 35 international scientific articles accepted by international indexes (SCI/SCIE). You can access my scientific publications from the publications tab of the website. Among these publications, there are the surgical techniques described for the first time in the medical literature on rhinoplasty and facial aesthetics. We carry out my scientific studies with a team that we have worked with in the past at the same university and still produce “knowledge” together in private physician. Scientificity is an uncompromising principle in my practice. I believe that a physician should follow and contribute to the scientific literature, regardless of which institution s/he works in. In my clinical practice, I do not perform any application that is not supported by scientific data and has not been filtered through the literature.

I am writing a web blog named www.yeniyuzyenihayat.com, which aims to inform the society about facial aesthetics. As far as I know, it is one of the most comprehensive online resources written in Turkish in the field of facial aesthetics. Its content is getting richer every day. The main purpose of both the blog and the website is to reach you and be accessible. For everything you want to consult me about facial aesthetics, you can reach me through my social media accounts, contact phones or directly as my guest in my clinic..

Stay with love

Stay Beautiful

Assoc.Dr. Ozan Bitik